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Religiosa is a beautifully bred lusitano mare. she will be 2 years old in 2023 
beautiful bloodline with horses with fine characters. horse greets in Portugal where they now also reside
Lisbon region. transport to NL can be arranged.
note the father Violino is not the same as the father of the mother Violino name is the same but from other breeders. so no inbreeding.
note: horse is in Portugal


Sire Violino
Sire of sire malmequer (veiga)
s.s.s. Danubio(veiga)
m.s.s. Gandarinha (veiga)
Dam of sire Roleta
d.s.d. Mandador
m.m.s. Magna
Mother Flor
Sire of dam Violino
s.s.d. Ofensor
m.s.m. Querida
Dam of dam Xira
s.d.d. Hostil
d.d.d. Vapra