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This chic lady is called Lovesome, she is a real black beauty with her beautiful black fur and speaking eyes. When you walk to the meadow, she looks at you happily with her elegant little head.  Lovesome was born on  March 18, 2010. Her height of approx. 1.60 and her cooperative, honest and eager to learn character makes her ideal in our opinion for every rider. She would also be extremely suitable for the transition from pony to horse. She is with us to ride by novice riders, she gives a secure feeling, also in dealings. She offers the advanced enough quality. She is good traffic and trailer tame here. She's very good here, rather too slow to drive forward and therefore in our opinion suitable for less advanced.            

In possession of a passport with chip and pedigree of Kheleyf x Heavenly Bay.                

Lovesome can crib-bite. She does not suffer from it. Ideally, you do have sufficient grazing. We hope that we can achieve this by providing correct nutrition and sufficient grazing minimised, and possibly eliminated completely.              Lovesome is good here at the farrier.               

Price: €4,350 incl saddle and bridle complete            

It reservation of this horse may be possible, take a look at our website?


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