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Chloe is a BWP but her descendant is an Oldenburger. And at the moment she is 4 years old and saddle broken.
She is a young horse and very willing to work but needs an advanced rider because she is very anxious and needs confidence. She has technically already learned gaits and is naturally very eager to learn, but there is still work to be done. 
She can jump 1m30 in free jumping, but she has not yet jumped with a rider on it.
She is sold with the reason that we don't have enough time to train her properly but we want to give her all the chances.
 She goes smoothly on the pasture and gets along well with other horses.
She is a sweet horse but you have to give her a lot of trust then you will get a lot in return. 
There are videos of her, which will be sent privately if someone wishes and the price is negotiable.


Sire Centurio
Sire of sire Cassini 2
s.s.s. Capitol 1
m.s.s. Wisma
Dam of sire Flavia
d.s.d. Calvados 2
m.m.s. Oktavia
Mother La Condria
Sire of dam Landor S
s.s.d. Landadel
m.s.m. Fureida
Dam of dam Riconda
s.d.d. Contender
d.d.d. Ricarda