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Aquileño you are a 5 year old Andalusian gelding of +- 161cm high. Leno is very people-oriented and very honest. Leno is very social towards other horses. He has not been here in a group because I first wanted him to be able to ground himself. He has nice strong gaits and has potential for the sport. I bought it green; but in the meantime he can walk obediently on the lunge and has already had a saddle on a few times. Other than that he is still untrained.

Leno is a sensitive boy who needs time to develop. I've only had him for a short time myself, but I notice that I can't give him the time and rest he needs. He really enjoys working for and with you, but he doesn't give it to you.

Recently clinically approved. Execution may cost the buyer. He's going to the dentist this month! Feel free to send a message! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sire Rudo II
Sire of sire Rebolero IV
s.s.s. Odioso VI
m.s.s. Rebolera II
Dam of sire Invasora X
d.s.d. Exclusivo II
m.m.s. Termopila
Mother Solera LVII
Sire of dam Encelado II
s.s.d. Evento
m.s.m. Terasia
Dam of dam Dorada XXII
s.d.d. Educado V
d.d.d. Coralina II