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I am selling my horse because there is no right click unfortunately. Because of my studies I won't have much time to give him enough attention within a year. Cas is a horse that needs to be worked (preferably ridden) every day as he has a lot of energy and can be very stubborn. Cas is certainly not suitable for a novice rider, but rather for an older rider who is very firm and consistent. Casje really needs that. I couldn't do that and that's why it didn't click as it should.
By paying a lot of attention to this I haven't done many matches with him yet, but I'm convinced that it will be a real top in the sport. He just needs to get the right and correct guidance. Cas is much younger in spirit than other 8 year old horses, but that's what makes him special. Cas can also be quite strong, but you can usually bribe him with sweets ;) Cas also has good papers. He is RX fully approved, clinical examination may be carried out but at his own expense. I would like to give him a good home so that I know that he will be very happy there and that he can also be a horse there. If possible, it would also help me to have a little contact with the new owner so that I know how he is doing. 

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you can contact me via whatsapp: 0468315448
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Many greetings
Amélie Goemanne


Sire Connor 48
Sire of sire Casall ASK
Dam of sire Korrada S
Mother Cordoba Z
Sire of dam Caridor Z
Dam of dam Talassa van het Sparrenhof