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Cleosinaa is a show jumper who knows her job. She is a show jumper, but she is also fun to ride in dressage because she can expand nicely and her body is supple. Comes from Sina lineage. Cleosinaa jumps smoothly at 1m20.
She is not just a sport horse who knows her dressage and jumping skills; Going into the forest, going to the sea, rallying is all possible if you want to relax a bit. She has no stable defects and is clinically fine. Cleosinaa has blood, as her bloodline clearly indicates. She is a real mare, she is very alert and has some temperament. Cleosinaa is in theory easy to ride, an 11-year-old child has learned to jump with her in recent months. Yet she is not the easiest, she is a bit suspicious, she works for love, brute force does not work for her. Her rider is therefore quite a calm person who likes to take the time to be busy with her.. which is nice that she is loyal to the rider. When the click is there she will go through fire for you. The hardest thing about her is putting on her bridle, as a foal she had a trauma just behind her ear, despite everything being healed and she is not in pain, she is not the easiest to get ready. Once you are on it as a rider, that stress is gone. She adapts to her rider, if the rider is a bit insecure and you don't dare to continue, she will hesitate herself and not take any risks. Ɓand you team up with her, then things will go smoothly and you can take on the world. So we are looking for a home where she is lovingly cared for and ridden, take your time with her. She has a lot of blood and is a mare. What we often noticed, she does great with introverted riders. Reason for sale is due to lack of time. 


Sire Clintissimo Z
Sire of sire Clinton
Dam of sire Idylle
Mother Wirsinaa-b
Sire of dam Sheraton
Dam of dam Irsinaa