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Celina P Z
Caplan x Solitair x Zadok
M1 Dressage
120 cm Jumping

Celina is currently running M1 dressage. She masters the exercises well and we are working with her for the M2 / Z1. Because of its special color it is a picture to see in the dressage ring.

Celina jumped 120 cm. Likes to jump and always goes to the other side. Doesn't look, doesn't startle or doesn't stop on the obstacle. We have never done eventing with her, because our interests are not here. But I expect she will like this, she always gets excited in the woods.

Celina is very good to handle and to drive. This makes her super suitable for a novice / inexperienced rider. Don't be scared, don't buck and won't just run off. She gives a familiar feeling. 
You can only go to the forest/beach/competition with her. You can only load her on the trailer and also saddle her on your own next to the trailer. She lives with us on the farm and is therefore used to cows, tractors, shovels and busy roads. She is also super good with small children, they can stand on a chair next to her and brush.

She has not had any foals yet and has no "mare strokes". 
Has been X-ray approved for sport on 25-1-2023.
Selling due to growth of young horses, overcrowded.

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Sire Caplan
Sire of sire Carolus I
s.s.s. Capitol I
m.s.s. Lacq
Dam of sire Elisa I
d.s.d. Landgraf I
m.m.s. Wirtin II
Mother Asselina P
Sire of dam Solitair
s.s.d. Voltaire
m.s.m. Nigrante
Dam of dam Pride Lady
s.d.d. Zadok
d.d.d. Legini of Q