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Name: Otajirma 
Sex: Mare 
Age: 10-05-2019
Colour: Chestnut with a lot of white markings. 
X-ray approved incl Back and neck: 2021
pedigree : Henkie x Laurentz. Daughter of the Great Gelderland mare TAJIRMA ( STB Ster , Provisional Keur, Preferent) 
studbook : KWPN Gelderland mare STB EXT : 75 Type , 70 walk and 75 trot. 
Character : Cool , Friendly , Reliable , People-oriented , Confident , eager to work, rather reserved than shivering. 

Training : Otajirma is a mare who has been trained a lot and certainly knows the basic principles.  Otajirma was taught at an early age working on the lunge here she is familiar with the Double lines and the pessoa. At the beginning of 2022 she was saddle broken and then put on the meadow because of her large body that needed a little more time. in the meantime she has been in hand and stayed lunged so that she built up a good condition and started using the right muscles. December 2022 she went to a training stable to be ridden. there she became acquainted with the horse walker and indoor arena. Otajirma is a mare who is good with mounting both with and without a crutch. furthermore she is a mare who waits for what the rider indicates. with a confident rider with a forward commitment, she will just move forward and do as you ask nicely. with a rider who doubts, she is more likely to become lethargic and stand still. if she sees something scary, she will only look, but with the right forward effort you can just drive past it everywhere. usually when she looks from something she is testing you. she will never buck, rear or run away. as mentioned before she will remain stationary. Now I have to say this standing still is already far off if the right rider is there  sitting on. so definitely not a horse for the insecure rider. she has also been on a trailer 2 times, both times she was slightly sedated so that I felt a bit better and she had a nice first experience. (not done yet, because there is no possible availability at our stable and because this was not our goal) 

behavior in the stable: Otajirma is used to going outside a lot. she has no stable defects. stands outside in a group with geldings of different ages. she is  good with the farrier and vet. can also be alone. does not respond to the neighing of the other horses. if they are in the stable and she has to be ridden, this can also be done without any problems.  

breeding: Otajirma will not only do well in the sport, but will also certainly be an asset to Gelderland breeding! with her beautiful and Interesting Bloodline she can certainly be a promise for the Gelderse KWPN. 

Price range : the asking price is between 13500 and 15000. 

should you after this information want to receive more information? call 06-13622586. 


Sire Henkie
Sire of sire Alexandro P
STB Preferent
s.s.s. Koss
STB Preferent
m.s.s. Itilde
STB Keur , Preferent
Dam of sire Beaujamanda
STB Ster Voorlopig keur, Preferent
d.s.d. Upperville
m.m.s. Jamanda
STB Keur , sport
Mother Tajirma
STB Ster, voorlopig keur , preferent
Sire of dam Laurentz
s.s.d. Bazuin
m.s.m. Erika
STB Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of dam Jirma
STB ster, Preferent
s.d.d. zep
d.d.d. Virma
STB ster