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Tough dressage gelding by Dream Boy out of one of the best mare lines of The Netherlands: the Otrichta tribe / Zinni van Wittenstein line. From this mare line many dressage horses reach the (sub) top due to the will to work and learn. 

He has 3 good gaits with a lot of suppleness in the back and a heel powerful hind leg which gives him a lot of balance and can move easily switch. He is smart, sensitive, learnable, wants to work and has the speed for the higher work. He is not afraid of the environment. If he is shocked and keeps thinking. He is not everyone's friend, you have to go first gain his trust and then he will go through fire for you. 

Lineage: Dream Boy - For Gribaldi - Bretton Woods - Biotop - Roemer (charities)

I bred him myself and gave the basis through horsemanship (TRT method). He now stands for saddle breaking in training in Drenthe. Due to lack of time to ride both him and his mother, I am now putting him too sale. 

Asking price: € 20.000,-
For more information: call or app to 0623954136 (Marleen)

I took the first photo last week, the second photo as a 10-day-old foal, the third photo as 2 5 year old stallion. The video is from this summer. More videos of his training can be requested via the app.


Sire Dream Boy
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Kyara
Sire of dam For Gribaldi
Dam of dam Gentianella
s.d.d. Bretton Woods
d.d.d. Tiarella