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We are constantly looking for fine and healthy dressage horses in the age range of 3 to 10 years.

The horses may be untrained, trained or trained but have not been ridden for a long time.
< br>Are you looking for a new owner for your horse, but you dread the entire sales process, then we can also do something for you. We can take care of the entire sale for you.

Your horse will come to us at a small-scale Sports Stable, where we will continue training with him/her.

If your horse is between 3 and 10 years old, healthy and at least 162 cm tall, you can offer your horse by means of an offer. sending a number of photos, a video, the pedigree and your asking price.

We are not looking for Irish horses, Spanish horses, coldbloods, harnesses, foals and 1-2 year olds


Sire Johnson
STB Preferent
Sire of sire Jazz
STB Preferent
s.s.s. Cocktail
STB Preferent
m.s.s. Charmante
STB Keur Prestatie
Dam of sire Roxane
STB Elite Preferent
d.s.d. Flemmingh
Stb Preferent
m.m.s. Catharin
Stb Keur Preferent
Mother Jarona
STB Prestatie Sport-(Dr)
Sire of dam El Carona
s.s.d. Amor
SGLDT Preferent
m.s.m. Torbertha
Stb keur prestatie
Dam of dam Colette
s.d.d. Planeet
d.d.d. Linda
Stb Preferent Prestatie