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This super handsome Spanish gelding of 13 years young is looking for a fanatical rider who has experience and can offer him what he wants most and that is to be used every day, Santos is a very willing horse and does everything for you he is very smart and learns very quickly. Because Santos is so willing to work and has a lot of spirit, he is not suitable for the novice insecure rider, someone with experience, perhaps also in Spanish horses, is really a dream horse. Besides the fact that he is super handsome and has all the looks, there is still a lot to get from Santos, Santos has been in our possession for a year now, but because of my education, work and other things, he stands still too often and this is not fair to the other him because he wants to work so badly, and therefore made the difficult decision to find another suitable place for him. I was never able to ride Santos due to too little time, but I did participate in a Marathon and he really enjoys this for a change. Santos is not a scaredy-cat and outside also very good and 100% traffic tame, of course they are still animals. Santos knows starting exercises in the box such as giving way, shoulder in and the start of a substitution, if you know what you're doing you can drive this out and the more you train this the better he performs. At the vet, masseur etc, he is very good, even at the farrier you don't have any work from him, he lifts his legs himself and stays where they are. Santos doesn't just go away and a good place is very important to us. Santos has all the stuff here and this can be sold with it, including a custom-made saddle, good bridle and bit and blankets. Inspection is allowed at buyer's expense. For questions, you can call 0627406957.


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