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We hereby offer our 11-year-old mare Hadleigh for sale, HadLeigh was measured on 08-03-2019 at 170. Hadleigh is a daughter of the mare DeLight T-A who competed in dressage until Z level and was then used as a broodmare, with Chameur as father. and grandfather Florencio 1  on father's side, and on mother's side as grandfather Sandreo and great-grandsire Sandro hit a real dressage topper who can move very nicely. Hadleigh's father,

Charmeur is an honest and reliable stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and can be worked well. The walk is pure, with good scope. The trot has very good scope and carriage. The canter has good scope and carriage. Charmer moves uphill with a lot of expression. The stallion shows very good self-carriage and has a lot of suppleness.

Hadleigh has a graceful appearance, with a lot of front, carries her neck vertically on her rump so that the upward movement is clearly visible, she walks very smoothly and stands beautifully on her legs, has a nice character. Hadleigh is X-ray and clinically cleared including her back and neck. Has no stable defects and is good with the farrier, Hadleigh has been vaccinated correctly, dewormed and is very healthy.


Sire Chameur
Sire of sire Florencio 1
s.s.s. Florestan 1
m.s.s. Walessa
Dam of sire Trendy
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Endy
Mother De light T-A
Sire of dam Sandreo
s.s.d. Sandro hit
m.s.m. Prittify
Dam of dam Winny T-A
s.d.d. Rubiquil
d.d.d. Nirita