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Grazia (Moorlands Bodyguard X Ronaldo)Born 29-04-2011

A very sweet mare to get along with.
Grazia is from our own breeding out of the mare Wette (Ronaldo X Ubis) also classified Z.
Unfortunately she is very sensitive under the saddle and experiences a lot of stress in the head, which makes riding not pleasant for horse and rider, which is why the decision was made to breed a foal with her.

>Despite the sensitivity under the saddle, Grazia knows the exercises up to and including Z2 + the switch and she performs them very easily when she has a good day and learns quickly.

Currently she has her 1st (stallion) foal walking at the foot of the stallion Mister Diamond ( Sir Donnerhal x First Final) An incredibly sweet, affectionate, curious and large foal.
She takes very good care of her foal and is also very easy to conceive.
At the moment the mare is still empty!
We would like to keep the mare with us until weaning.
Of course she can be covered again, at buyer's expense!

Unfortunately, Grazia does weaving in the stable (so not on the pasture) when it is very busy around her. So she doesn't do this all day long alone when she experiences pressure and stress.
Fortunately she likes 24/7 roughage very much and we can therefore largely prevent the weaving.

Vp:. Notk. (indication between 5000 and 7000)
For more info 0639431551


Sire Moorlands Bodyguard
Sire of sire Gribaldi
s.s.s. Kostolany
m.s.s. Gondola ll
Dam of sire Ulinda
Keur, Prest
d.s.d. Negro
m.m.s. Kolinda
Mother Wette
Sire of dam Ronaldo
s.s.d. Rubinstein l
m.s.m. Carella
Dam of dam Elette
Keur, Pref, Prest, Sport (dr)
s.d.d. Ubis
d.d.d. Zusette