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Delatio x Ferro
Dark brown
Z1 dressage + profit
PROK Mare 2012

For my handsome and very good mare Hyva E I am looking for a forever home. Someone who will enjoy her as much as I did. She has been in our possession since she was 3, and I have her myself fully trained. Of course also always been neat to the blacksmith, dentist, osteopath, etc.

She is a very good mare: she can only ride outside (beach / forest) does not look at anything in strange territory, super sweet with small children (video available) and always puts her best foot forward in competition. She is used to major competitions, freestyle to music and competitions with a lot entourage.

She also likes a jump for a change: she jumps everything. However, I am not a jumping hero myself, and it has remained with 1x a course 80-90cm. (which was a lot of fun by the way)

Because of her fine canter and down-to-earth character, Hyva would be a competition horse, too very suitable as a family horse, coaching or pommel horse.

We bred a foal with her in 2018, which we still breed in our own have possession. This has also become a very nice, down-to-earth, large horse. This horse I will then also keep as “successor”.

She is in front of the French class. However, she has never had any problems with this had. She has never taken a lame step with me.

I am really looking for a forever home, so traders do NOT have to respond.
She has made all my penny dreams come true and I'm really looking for someone to do that with may do again. 


Sire Delatio
Sire of sire De Niro
s.s.s. Donnerhall
m.s.s. Alicante
Dam of sire Rubina
d.s.d. Rubinstein
m.m.s. Donna
Mother Mendy
Sire of dam Ferro
s.s.d. Ulft
m.s.m. Brenda
Dam of dam Wendy
Keur, preferent
s.d.d. Amor
d.d.d. Miesje
Keur, preferent