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Irento is a 10 year old gelding by Sorento x Ulft. With his withers height of 1.77 mtr and sturdy appearance an imposing appearance the ring. He has three good gaits with a beautiful second trot. Irento has been in our possession since he was 4 years old. On that at the moment he was 6 weeks under the saddle. He has been trained by ourselves in rest. On At the moment he is running Z1 level at the competitions. In training at home he knows the flying points well and shows a lot of talent for the collection. He has certain potential to progress in the dressage sport. Other than that he has none stable defects, is good on the trailer and on strange terrain. Works well with others animals, but alone is no problem either. He's been along a few times on the outside ride and to the jumping lesson, participates in a six-piece and has been used twice in the BR photo shoot. He does all this well.  

Irento is a sweet and honest horse both in handling and under the saddle. He is sensitive. By this we mean that he needs time has to get to know you and build a relationship with you. You must be prepared to put in this time. If he trusts you, he will always want for you to work.  

We are looking for someone who is confident in driving (none beginner). Who dares to lead a horse in a respectful way. Do you recognize yourself in this and are you looking for a sweet and good horse with potential for higher work? Then get in touch.  

Irento periodically visits the farrier, dentist and physiotherapist and is in good condition. He was clinically and radiologically cleared on June 29. He has cornage, but is not hindered. 


Sire Sorento
Sire of sire Sandro Hit
s.s.s. Sandro Song
m.s.s. Loretta
Dam of sire Dein Liebling
d.s.d. Donnerhall
m.m.s. Premiere
Mother Telvira
Sire of dam Ulft
s.s.d. Le Mexico
m.s.m. Pia
Dam of dam Jelvira
s.d.d. Damiro
d.d.d. Vira