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Meet Toyboy.
His pedigree name is Tequilla M.
Date of birth: 10-05-2019
Gender: gelding
Stick size: +/- 1.58m.
V: Ticallux Verte
VM: Andiamo
VMM: Indoctro  

I bought Toyboy when I was almost 3 years old, and myself trained.
Because he was a bit on the small side, I took it easy with him done so that he could still be nice and young and in the hope that he would still have something grow out.

Toyboy is a horse with a fantastic character, fine desire to run, three good, spacious gaits with a nice big canter.
He shows a very good jump, is careful, jumps with a lot of scope and very good use of the foreleg.

Last year he participated in the 3 year free jump competition, where he was rated very well.
He adapts easily, and even though he is a bit on the small side, he manages fine with his good canter in the lines.

Toyboy is a pleasure to ride under the saddle.
He is honest, likes to work and will not just do something wrong.
He is correct and neatly raised / trained and has never shown 'annoying' behavior in this.

Dressage he is nice to ride. He's already looking for the hand, neatly picks up his position and bow and is nice to send around. We practice occasionally some B-tests to get him ready for the 'real work'.

He is also very good at jumping under the saddle, he looks ahead, likes to cross and remains controlled.
He shows a very nice jump and it is obvious that he has a lot here having fun.

Toyboy goes to class weekly, and monthly to the jumping lesson on another terrain where he already jumps a small course.
We have also already taken him to multi-day competitions, I don't have him released but just taken to train and gain experience on different terrain in a large/busy location.

Toyboy regularly goes to the forest. He's bad at this tough. Dares to lead the way, is traffic safe.
Walks/gallops easily through the puddles and is only too happy to jump over tree trunks.
I think so that Toyboy will become very suitable for eventing.

He has everything it takes to have a super successful career to meet.
Good movement, a super jump, endurance, work ethic and above all a very big hard.

So Toyboy is really a fantastic horse. He loves cuddling, playing, attention and even comes to mind in the meadow lay lap. A friend of all who is going to make someone very happy.

Because I unfortunately don't have enough ambition to go with him going to take on competition, and I think it's a shame not to put out such a talented horse to shine, I made the choice to go to a new home for him to search.
I am looking for a fanatical rider who enjoys this topper wants to grow and enjoy.  

Toyboy can be viewed in Mierlo, North Brabant.
For more info, questions and/or videos please whatsapp contact to +316-31903890


Sire Ticallux Verte
Sire of sire Lux Z
s.s.s. Lord Calando
m.s.s. Apocalypte Z
Dam of sire Pia Verte
d.s.d. Calypso III
m.m.s. G. Almeria Verte
Mother It's Karla van de Horst
Sire of dam Andiamo
s.s.d. Animo
m.s.m. Taj Mahal X
Dam of dam Pikarla
s.d.d. Indoctro
d.d.d. Tykarla