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Super mare from a very good line of many International sport horses. Due to injury used from 2022 as broodmare. this year (2023) she has a beautiful colt with super nice character of Lupicor, at the moment she is pregnant again Lupicor.

Beat it GH itself has had a very nice long sports career with many thousands Euros in prize money, we bought her from the breeder at the end of 2015, on that At the moment she jumped in the 1.20m. With us she has grown up to and including the 1.45m International. Also in our possession is the half-sister of Beat it: Zippit GH (s. Lupicor) out the same mother and has jumped very successfully with us up to 1.45m International, We ourselves have 4 beautiful offspring from Zippit the first of which is just under saddle and looks promising. If 4 year-old, Zippit first had a foal by Quasimodo Z named Backatorps Danny V, Danny is very successful at the very highest level, has several major prizes to his name and has with the New Zealand team up to 2x won the 1.60m Nations cup of the CSIO5* in Abu Dhabi, Danny has Participated in the World Championships in Tryon in 2018 and participated in 2021 the Olympic Games in Tokyo, both with Bruce goodin for New Zealand.

Self Beat it GH now has 3 offspring, in addition to our Lupicor 2 previous ones descendants of Gaillard de la Pomme at the time with the breeder, 1 of them have we owned for a while and successfully ran up to 1.35m National and 1.30m International but has also been sold relatively quickly. Out the grandmother of this horse (Omberly) is also a very successful offspring from Quadimodo Z, Winny, which  a successful career under Joy Lammers has had up to and including 1.60m.

Unfortunately can't we keep all horses and get the offspring of both of these mares their deserved opportunities with us, we still breed Zippit and can also come with us enjoy her retirement, yet it is with mixed feelings that we now offer our Beat it, for you a unique opportunity to acquire a very good former sport mare and also gives very beautiful offspring and has therefore already proven herself as a broodmare also from a very interesting "sport" line. More information, photos/videos available on request (large photo/video archive!), at the moment her foal (v. Lupicor) is still there until about October at which can also be viewed, we also have half-sister Zippit GH and her 4 offspring are here which you can view.

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Sire Quasimodo Z
Sire of sire Quidam de Revel
s.s.s. Jalisco B
m.s.s. Dirka
Dam of sire Caloma Z
d.s.d. Carthago
m.m.s. Italoma
Mother Toscana
Sire of dam Armstrong
s.s.d. Ramiro Z
m.s.m. Terma
Dam of dam Omberly
s.d.d. Hamilcar
d.d.d. Kimberly


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Paard Balkbrug 2020 1.35m Finale 1
Indoor Drachten 2020 1.35m Finale 1
CSI** Peelbergen 2018 1.35 Finale 4
CSI** Peelbergen 2018 1.35m 9
LBT Opmeer 2017 1.35 1
CH Rijs 2017 1.35 2
CH Koudum 2017 1.35m 1
CH Koudum 2017 1.35m 2e parcours 2
CH Bolsward 2017 1.35m 2
CH Eext 2017 1.35m 3
CH Eext 2017 1.30m 1
CH Oosterwolde 2017 1.30m 1
Outdoor Franeker 2017 1.35m 1
Indoor Balkbrug 2017 1.35m 5
CSI* Wierden 2016 1.20m dag 1 1
Outdoor Tolbert 2016 Grote Finale 1.35m 9
Outdoor Warga 2016 1.30 2
CH Dokkum 2016 1.30 2
Outdoor Franeker 2016 1.30 1
Indoor Tolbert 2016 1.30m 1
JIM Nijkerk 2016 1.30m 6
CSI* Roosendaal 2016 1.20m Small Tour Final 4
CSI* Roosendaal 2016 1.20m dag 1 5
CSI** Peelbergen 2019 1.40m 7
CSI** Peelbergen 2019 1.35m 9
CSI** Zuidbroek 2019 1.30m 2
CSI** Exloo 2022 1.35m 5
CSI** Exloo 2022 1.40m 8
SRD Marienheem 2021 1.40m 2
RWC Ijsselmuiden 2021 1.40m 8
CH Boijl 2021 1.40m GP 4
CH Boijl 2021 1.35m 3