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RosenWinner SP is a descendant of the stallion Red Viper (Blue Horse Romanov x Sir Sinclair).
And comes out of a Hanoverian state premium mare Winner (Weltmeyer x Donnerhall x Legat) .

RosenWinner SP is a stallion and was born on July 12, 2023.
He was born as a chestnut, but it may well be that he will become a coffee chestnut! month, when the foal coat changes.
It is a very beautiful and sweet foal.
We teach him the foal a-b-c;
He comes daily in hand, lift legs and walk along on the halter / rope. 

Below some information about Red Viper:  ;Red Viper a very elegant coffee chestnut of 1.76, who attracted attention in Warendorf by winning the two-day Minitest with a top score of 8.8.
Red Viper descends from the Grand Prix stallion Romanov Blue Hors.
He comes from the two-time World Cup mare Zolena.
The Elite, EPTM, prok, sport mare was crowned in 2008 as best mare in the Pavo Cup.
In sport, Zolena competed up to and including ZZ-Licht level under the saddle of Christien Kerbert.
Red Viper's dam line is based on thekeur, preferent, performance mare Urona.
This line produces approved stallions, including the KWPN stallions High Five U.S. (s. Charmeur) and Knock Out (s. Ebony), the Oldenburg stallion Blue Hors First Choice (s. Jazz), the NRPS stallion Adonius (s. Apollonius xx), the AES stallions Adonnis (s. Gribaldi) and Leonardo (by Hitmaker) and Viking (by Vivaldi) approved in Westphalia.
Red Viper ran a great mini test in Warendorf in the summer of 2022, passing a lot of big names, including the Westphalian champion.
Red Viper received an 8.8 for the walk, an 8.5 for the trot, a 9 for the canter, an 8.8 for rideability and a 9 for attitude and willingness to work.
With an average of 8.8, the dark fox scored the highest points.

Below some information about Winner:
Winner, the beautiful black Hanoverian state premium mare.
Winner (s Weltmeyer) is the half-sister of the Grandprix stallion CONNAISSEUR (s. Con Amore), approved by several studbooks.
 Winner is a descendant of the Hanoverian stallion Weltmeyer (s. World Cup 1), who is is approved. 
Winner comes from the Hanoverian Hauptstutbuch Donna Clara (s. Donnerhall).
Donna Clara (s. Donnerhall) is also the grandmother of approved stallions Dark Sensation (s. Destano) and Final Dance (s. Fifty Cent).
The descendants of Donna Clara (s. Donnerhall) are successful in sport, including PSG/INTER1 and Grand Prix. 

The descendants of Winner: 
The state premium, Prok, Z2 dressage mare Susi (2012), owned by Sandro Hit (s. Sandro Song) has always been used as a sport and broodmare. 
Susi herself also has a number of very fine offspring given that do well in the sport, including the:
- Keur, Sport, Zz heavy - mare Jolie (s. Ampere).-
Valentino was sold in 2015 at the Oldenburg auction in Vechta for no less than!! € 250,000 !!

The Hanoverian gelding Viriathus van GC (2015), is a descendant of the stallion Vitalis (v. Vivaldi).
Viriathus van GC successfully runs FEI competitions under the Spanish rider   Nile Urrutia Lopez.
The Hanoverian state premium mare Florida (2012) (v. Jazz) is fully used in the sport.
Florida runs successfully in the sport under the Spanish rider Carmen Getino.
At the moment they are still starting INTERERA, but they will soon start Grand Prix.

The Hanoverian gelding Viva Vivaldi (2015) is a descendant of the stallion Vitalis (s. Vivaldi).
Viva Vivaldi has not been in Otario (Canada) for very long at Deer Ridge.
Before that he has successfully ridden several times in prizes under Marcelle Hesselink Z2 dressage in the Netherlands.

The Hanoverian mare Amaris (2010) is a descendant of the stallion Ampere (s. Rousseau).
Amaris is fully used in breeding and has already produced a number of very fine offspring in Australia. 

If you would like more want information about several older descendants of Winner, please send a private message and I will send it to you. 

Dana Winner (2020) mare, is a descendant of the stallion De Niro Gold (v. De Niro).

Silverado SP (2022) stallion, is a descendant of the stallion Next Pitch (Geniaal x Blue Hors Hotline).
Silverado SP is registered with the KWPN studbook. < br>It is still in my possession and also For Sale.

For more information about RosenWINNER SP, please feel free to send a private message.


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