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Tiramisu (Nashville Star x Fuzilante) KWPN x Lusitano mare born 8 -5-2023

There where it was an experiment 2 years ago with our Lusitano mare Nimfa (Fuzilante) KWPN to cross  that so good turned out that we had decided to cross her last year with the performance champion Nashville Star and lo and behold the experiment is a proven one fact that Lusitanos fit particularly well with modern dressage stallions Pillars of their genes are  agility strength people-oriented and will never give up  are always forward and are known for their natural aptitude for collecting and their great aptitude for passage and piaffe.   Bring hereby the beautiful model  and the strong operation champion Nashville star moves and see it here result “Tiramisu”  


Sire Nashville Star
Sire of sire desperados
grand Prix
s.s.s. de Niro
Grand Prix
Dam of sire Ezrasijgje
ster keur
d.s.d. westpoint
Grand Prix
m.m.s. Rasijgje
pref prestatie
Mother Nimfa
Sire of dam Fuzilante
s.s.d. zuelo
m.s.m. Alfama
Dam of dam Perfumada
s.d.d. zelador
d.d.d. indiana