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For sale: From our own breeding, 3-year-old sport horse, gelding, rude.
Horse with beautiful type, much refinement and particularly correct and dry legs.
Light-footed and spacious in movement. Horse with a lot of promise for the future.
Le Formidable x Blue Horse Zack. Mother: Jerlinda, Elite, ZZL - dressage.
Fathers on mother's side 3 x Grand Prix. X-ray good. Price N.O.T.
For serious buyers an opportunity to acquire a very good horse.


Sire Le Formidable
Sire of sire Bordeaux
Stb. Preferent
s.s.s. United
m.s.s. Venna
Ster, preferent
Dam of sire Vienna
Stb Elite, Preferent
d.s.d. Ferro
Stb ,Preferent
m.m.s. Annabel
Stb, Elite, preferent
Mother Jerlinda
Stb, Elite, Sportpaard
Sire of dam Blue Hors Zack
s.s.d. Rousseau
Stb. Preferent
m.s.m. Orona
Stb, ster, preferent
Dam of dam Werlinda
Stb.Ster, Preferent
s.d.d. Roman Nature
d.d.d. Reemon
Stb. Ster