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For sale very sweet beautiful talented gelding.

This beautiful large 4 year old gelding is a descendant of Guardian x rousseau. With a height of 174. We have Outcome as a foal purchased and have always had it in hand, it is with us grew up and broke him in the saddle himself. With saddle breaking he was real very sweet and easy. We drove on after the 3rd time the large 20 x 60 track, from the first day it already gives a familiar feeling. And he still gives the rider that feeling.

He has a nice self-carriage and front. Outcome is very fine and send light. He is light in hand and also tackles the beginning of the side corridors already and he does this really well. He knows only giving way and shoulder-in al. In the canter he already has a lot of balance and switches easily. Outcome is a horse with a lot of talent, who loves to work. He has a nice forward drive and is not phlegmatic. He has character of gold and he loves attention.

Are you looking for a good, nice and willing future horse, then Outcome is for you. He is good in strange territory. He has more competitive experience. He doesn't know the outside ride yet, but we think that he might be suitable for it. Because he's a whole has a good and sober character and can be worked very fine by the rider. Outcome gives the rider a familiar feeling and that is fantastic.

He is good at transport. He has no stable defects or particularities. Outcome has been x-rayed with a positive advice. He is otherwise completely healthy. He is always alone in the meadow and paddock with us it is a very sweet horse that could also be used in a group.

Outcome is social and in dealings honest and good. If you have any further questions then we'd love to hear it. Film on request only via what app. Asking price 21000

Chantal: 0610114630
Jessica: 0612183382


Sire Ghandi
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam rousseau
Dam of dam