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Talented, sweet Jazz gelding, Heathcliff Utopia, aka Bas because he is above all my clown.

Bas is gold honest, but certainly not the easiest in terms of riding. He wants to do everything for you, but finds it difficult to use his body properly and relax. Despite the fact that he can be quite strong, draw reins and brute force are absolutely useless. Due to personal circumstances, he has received little training in recent years. He has been arrested again in the last few months. He does his job with great pleasure. He really is a Jazz, nothing goes unnoticed… he has already become much more relaxed in this, but his concentration remains a thing.
Strangely enough, it is a horse that you can get back on after a few weeks of rest & drives away. He has learned a lot in recent years. He couldn't stand that way, this is going perfectly now. I also spent a lot of time loading the trailer. This is now also going well in a 2-horse trailer. Bas has been to a competition and is doing well & with pleasure. He is currently M2 eligible to start. However, he is further in training. Half-passes he does with 3 hooves in his nose. Both in the trot and in the canter. He also does the simple canter change well.
Bas is familiar with the forest & can also jump. It is especially good for a change.
He knows the mill. Bas is also familiar with the Stang & trens.

For Bas we are looking for someone with patience. He really wants to do it for you, but at his pace. He must be able to go outside. Bas is only sold to the person with the right click. A good new home is the most important.

He stands on his feet and is always vaccinated on time, influenza and Rhino. He goes to the dentist every year and every 7 weeks to the farrier.

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Please respond by app or email due to work. I will then contact you as soon as possible.


Sire Jazz
Sire of sire Cocktail
s.s.s. Pusioso
Dam of sire
Mother Mistral Utopia
Sire of dam Elcaro
s.s.d. Zeoliet
Dam of dam Carola Utopia
s.d.d. Ulft