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Due to the termination of the sport, because I unfortunately can no longer combine it with my work, I am looking for a good new home and challenge for my dear KWPN dressage mare of 11 years old with a height of 1.68m.  I have owned her for over 6  years as the 1st owner and bought her directly from the breeder at the time. Her pedigree is UphillxJohnson. In recent years I have had dressage lessons from various professional instructors. Last year she spent a period in professional training where she was further trained to Z1 level where she achieved great points and placements. My horse is a very easy and sweet horse, cool in the head and with a very willing and eager to learn character and always willing to work for the rider. She is used to the trailer and always behaves in an exemplary manner. This will make her a nice learning horse for the rider who wants to ride at a higher level. She is currently only ridden recreationally due to lack of time. Besides dressage, my horse  likes to go for rides in nature, whether or not together with other horses, she is very social in the group. She is also not really impressed by ambient sounds, which makes it pleasant to drive with her. Strange terrain doesn't bother her much and she behaves very well. She always goes to the dentist on time and here too she behaves properly, as well as at the farrier. She also gets her annual vaccinations. At the time of purchase I had her clinically examined. No details emerged. I still have the test report available. After last year's training she was offered for sale via the trainer and sold in the higher price range to an American buyer subject to X-ray examination. Unfortunately, the series of approximately 60 x-rays requested by the buyer revealed a single, unexpected and previously unnoticed, single remark (kissing spines) for me and my trainer, which prevented the sale. My horse experiences  no restrictions or hindrance from the observed remark. The professional riders/trainers (Grand Prix level) who have ridden my horse have not noticed any peculiarities during training and riding and perform at Z1 level. Recently we had new photos taken of the back and it turned out that there were no peculiarities compared to last year's photos. At the same time, we had another (clinical) study carried out. In the opinion of the horse doctor, the horse is not hindered in its functioning by the remark and is not bothered by it. A written report follows. In case of serious interest, the photos taken last year and recently and the written report are available for consultation and, if desired, the doctor can be contacted to answer any questions and/or to obtain further information or explanation. horse is set at an amount between EUR 8,000 and EUR 8,500. This target price is not all-determining for me, by the way. The most important thing for me is that my horse gets a fantastic new home, is ridden and cared for regularly and somewhat challengingly and with love and where she can enjoy her old age in the long term. When I get a good feeling with a potential buyer and we can make good agreements, then we will probably agree on the price.  Traders and/or equestrian centers do not have to respond and bids will not be responded to.


Sire Uphill
Sire of sire Oscar
Dam of sire Naomi Ceroon
Mother Dancing Girl
Sire of dam Johnson
Dam of dam Rosen-Dame