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Beautiful 3 year old Cum Laude x Johnson out of the full sister of Hartsuijker!
Breed by the Fam. Wolfs in Rekken
X-ray 100%
Colour: Black-brown
Has 3 good gaits and a light-footed movement.
Price range: €15,000-20,000
If you are seriously interested, please contact via Whatsapp only! (due to work)  0630067755


Sire Cum Laude
Sire of sire Apache
s.s.s. UB 40
m.s.s. Tolanda
Dam of sire Pacharel T
d.s.d. Weltmeyer
m.m.s. Kacharel T
Mother Kamilla
Sire of dam Johnson
s.s.d. Jazz
m.s.m. Roxane
Dam of dam Balinda
s.d.d. Scandic
d.d.d. Telinda