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Mega handsome and sweet Welsh pony. He is a great cuddler and likes attention. My daughters can spend hours brushing him, combing and braiding his long mane or walking around and playing with him. He likes everything and likes to be there. I shaved him without anesthesia and he was fine with it.

He will be 7 years old this year and is a B pony of approximately 123 cm (not officially measured). In recent years he has competed in Germany in singles, doubles and 4 team. We trained him under saddle with my 7 year old daughter. He sometimes finds it a bit exciting in the beginning, but eventually my daughter can just ride with him through the track at walk, trot and canter.

We are looking for the right place for him with lots of attention and companions. He enjoys playing with other ponies in the paddock or pasture. We would also like it if he came to the right people who understand ponies and could train him further.

He will then become the perfect children's pony to take to bixie competitions or official competitions! Of course he can also walk in front of the cart and go outside. Feel free to send a message for more information.


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