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I hereby offer my 2 year old (April 17, 2021) stallion by Hardrock Z x Tenerife x Goodtimes for sale.

We bred Ricky ourselves. Out of our mare Bo-Donja we have only competed in dressage (m2 start eligible) competitions and jumped at home with this mare. She has already given several nice jumping horses. Of these, 1 in Canada runs in the 1.40. At the moment, a 5-year-old son of hers is running under a young rider in the 1.00/1.10 class, which he is doing very well. Horses have all grown to around 1.65/1.70.

Ricky is currently running in a flock on the land. He has not been inspected or photographed.

Hardrock Z is a fantastically bred Heartbreaker son who has proven himself at the highest level. Father Heartbreaker is one of the living legends of show jumping horse breeding. The Nimmerdor son had a spectacular jumping career and became the greatest of all time in breeding, with sons such as Harley VDL, Toulon, Quasimodo van de Molendreef, Padinus and many others. Just like the preferent Harley VDL, Hardrock Z is a product of the successful combination Heartbreaker x Carthago. Hardrock Z's mother Carte Blanche Z also produced the international Grand Prix show jumping stallion Charlemagne JT Z of Silvia Bazzani and the approved stallions Be the Freak JT Z, Domingos JT Z. She is also the (great)grandmother of horses such as Tabou Z (Victoria Colvin), JK Horsetrucks Leasure Z (Katharina Offel), Corico Z (Angelique Rüsen), Crowntano Z (Judy Ann). Melchior) and many other successful show jumping horses. (text from VDL STUD)


Sire Hardrrock Z
Sire of sire Heartbreaker
s.s.s. Nimmerdor
Dam of sire Carte Blanche Z
Mother Bo Donja
Sire of dam Tenerife
Dam of dam Terradonja
s.d.d. Goodtimes
d.d.d. Madonja