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Semiramis, 2.5 year old gelding from the Sheila line. Right of the breeder. X-ray approved.

As father 3-part champion of the stallion competition this year, Stargos VDL.  

Semiramis has become foal champion of his year at the EASP studbook. He comes from the Sheila line (one of the first performance mares of the KWPN).

His mother is the EASP model mare Bucephala and his half-sister (by Rivant B) was also a foal champion (in my possession).
His aunt is the EASP star mare Cypria (also in my possession) and another aunt is EASP mare Cyrana (keur, perst_sport_NRPS 1.30m Spr. Z2-dressage CIC2*).  

The properties of Semiramis:
-       Athletic,
-       Good size (now +/- 1.65m),
-       Springy gaits with lots of balance and impulsion,
-       A top character, people-oriented and curious,
-       Balanced build,
-       Naturally top balance in all gaits,
-       Grew up in a paddock paradise so hard legwork and agility,
-       Top quality hooves,
-       Raised as a foal with long grass and always received unwrapped hay,  

In short, everything you want to see in a (young) horse.
He is good with brushing and trimming and has already been handled a lot. He is in a herd with a 3-year-old mare (half-sister), a 14-year-old mare and a 26-year-old gelding, so he is also very social and friendly.

video on YouTube via: 'Semiramis almost 3-year-old gelding' search . Link here doesn't work.

My wish is that he can make someone very happy and that I can continue to follow him in his sports career.


Sire Stargos VDL
GGK KPWN OS 1.35 spr
Sire of sire Stakkato gold
s.s.s. Stakkato
Dam of sire Carlotta 320
1.35m spr
d.s.d. Conthargos
Mother Bucephala
Sire of dam Perfectum
GGK EASP 1.35m spr M2 dress
s.s.d. Pronto
1.30m spr Z1 dress
m.s.m. Dabima
Dam of dam Bathseba
s.d.d. Aristos
d.d.d. Bagheera


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