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Offered for sale: my beautiful mare Infinity, official name Inge, pet name Fin.
Fin (Arlando x Galant) is a beautiful 10 year old black mare with one sock, a collar and a snout, 170 cm tall (I am 183cm myself). ). Fin has the sports predicate, and she has never been presented to an inspection because that is not my interest. She has had no foals. 

I bought Fin as a 4 year old (naughty) horse. As our bond of trust grew, Fin became more and more reliable. Fin is absolutely not eye-catching and very nice to ride, at home, on strange terrain and on outdoor rides. I ride in the woods a lot, where you can ride on a long rein or train super fanatically: she is very well behaved. Fin is a traffic jam for normal commuting. For tractors/trucks and large work vans with trailers, I always choose a driveway to wait.

Together we have gone through all classes from L1 to ZZ-heavy (on snaffle). On June 28 we had our ZZ-Zwaar debut and we classified with 60.929%. Fin has 3 fine gaits, is light on the aids and sits very easily. Fin has grown into a confident, well-behaved, cooperative horse and is a real go-getter. For a few years now, an inexperienced rider has been riding once a week, together they passed the B and L1 with flying colors.

In addition to dressage training and many forest rides, I also like to do 'other' things: various WorkingEquitation lessons (where this horse really has fun!), a single cross lesson (where my own talent in particular turned out to be small...), cavaletti training, dressing up on the horse for the toilet roll challenge in Corona time and also freestyle to music in the ZZ-light! This year we also had an article in De Hoefslag (lessons with Wesley Mulder).

This horse is a real cuddler, she loves attention. She is very easy to load onto a trailer, easy for spraying, blacksmithing, club lessons, etc. I always go out alone.

I am selling Fin because I bought a foal 3 years ago, which is now eager to play in the pasture to go to work. Because I really don't have time for 2 horses (and I really enjoy starting from scratch again), I have decided that it is time for Fin to leave home. So now looking for the new owner. Maybe that's you? I think this horse can make someone else happy and happy for many years!! She is in competition condition so ready for a new start and many orange ribbons! Maybe to switch from pony to horse? Maybe as a training horse? Maybe to get a little further than the ZZ? Do you think this horse can make you happy? Or do you want more information? Let me know!!

Call 0623636129 or email
I.v.m. my work as a primary school teacher, I would like to call after school.

Fin was clinically approved at the end of September. When purchased (28-3-2017) it was fully radiologically approved. Re-inspection is allowed at buyer's expense. Horse is in Putten.


Sire Arlando
Sire of sire Paddox
Dam of sire Herlanda
Mother Ursula
Sire of dam Galant
Dam of dam Darina