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It is with pain in our hearts that we sell our horse Lauritz. Lauritz ran 1.30 about 1.5 years ago. He did all forest rides, competitions and training very well.  Due to private circumstances (busyness) we are unable to train optimally.  Lauritz is full of energy and is certainly suitable for competition level.  Stands quietly in the stable, at the cleaning station and at the farrier's. 

We are looking for an active 'very' (!) experienced rider. Lauritz can really have his tricks.  In short: are you looking for a good, challenging competition horse for a 'reasonable' price? Then this horse is really a solution. 


Sire Gerardus
Sire of sire Carambole
stb keur
s.s.s. Cassini I
m.s.s. Normandie Vi
Dam of sire Ruata
stb ster, preferent, prestatie
d.s.d. Iroko
Stb keur
m.m.s. guata
stb ster, preferent, prestatie
Mother Viewitta
STB ster
Sire of dam Gentleman
STB keur
s.s.d. Boreas
m.s.m. Amieka
stb ster, preferent, prestatie
Dam of dam Witta
STB Ster
s.d.d. Le val Blanc
d.d.d. Ritta
STB model preferent, prestatie


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