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Beautiful black mare offered!

 Galicia (Andretti x Flemmingh) is a beautiful, black mare from 2011. She came to us as a 2.5 year old, but due to downsizing due to private circumstances, we are looking for a new stable for her.

 Galicia is 1.65 m high (not officially measured), has a powerful build and movement. The photos were taken recently and this is what she looks like at the moment, untrained. 

Galicia has had two foals. Our Nairobi (by Desperado) in 2018 and Oakley (by Glocks Toto jr) in 2019. Both are in our stable (last photos of the advertisement). Nairobi recently achieved good scores at the Drenthe championships and has a good talent for the higher sport. Oakley is currently being taught and this is going without any setbacks. He is also showing nice movement. Galicia has bred two talented and cooperative horses. 

Unfortunately, Galicia is not sold as a sport horse. She builds up a lot of tension under the saddle. We have searched for years for the cause, but unfortunately were never able to find a solution. Several riders have tried it with her. Without positive results. She really enjoys outdoor rides and jumping, but here too she is forward and quickly builds up tension. 

We grant Galicia a place where she is not forced into the sport, resulting in a quick next and next sale. She is a sensitive horse, but also very sweet. She has been a good mother to her foals and we see a future for her as a broodmare or surrogate mother for us. 

Galicia's neck, back and legs have been photographed in the past. She only has an encapsulated chip in her left hind leg (never crippled and the DA advice was positive at the time regarding the sport). Furthermore, she looks great in the photo. 

We give Galicia a nice place and therefore the price is negotiable/in consultation. We are open and honest and expect this from any potential buyer.

 — images of the advertisement were shot on 25-02-2024, so these are recent images of Galicia - 


Sire Toto Jr.
Sire of sire Totilas
s.s.s. Gribraldi
m.s.s. Lominka
Dam of sire Desperada
d.s.d. Desperados
m.m.s. Regentin
Mother Galicia
Sire of dam Andretti
s.s.d. Special D
m.s.m. Ushi
Dam of dam Unique
s.d.d. Flemmingh
d.d.d. Fiolita D. B.