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For sale chic sweet daughter of the stallion Fontaine TN. She comes from the well-known Cara tribe. She is very easy to deal with. The mother is present in the stable. She is being sold due to lack of space.  


Sire Fontaine TN
Sire of sire Finest
s.s.s. Furstenball
m.s.s. Wie Princess
Dam of sire Sky
d.s.d. Samarant
m.m.s. Gilette
Mother Navinacara
DOC Prok
Sire of dam Incognito
s.s.d. Davino
m.s.m. Dolce Vita Vrouwe
Dam of dam Helmacara
Ster, Prok
s.d.d. Briljant
d.d.d. Larissacara
Keur, Prestatie