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Beautiful black-brown mare
Measures approximately 171
I offer this Mare from my own breeding. 

Light tour classified. 

Jumps playing the tune changes at 2 and at the pass 
Mainly dressage, moderately trained
also jumps. 
Likes to go into the woods,
If she is good, take her alone.  
Does not suffer from mare behavior, always sweet, hugs horse with ears forward. Loves attention, likes to be brushed and cared for. Not a horse for the inexperienced rider. She is good, but a horse that is used to being at work.  

I already wrote that she is from my own breeding, which means that I still have her mother. 
Her mother is a very successful international light tour horse.  
She comes from a beautiful bloodline and is also interesting for later use as a broodmare. 

Note on the back and front legs.
 She has always had one and shows that it is not bothered by it.  

Energetic, strong, cheerful horse. 
No stable defects. 

Falls in a higher price range.  ;

If you are seriously interested, please call me or reach me on whatsapp, Jordan +31652620226. 


Sire Eastwood S
Sire of sire Ampere
Dam of sire Pradin
Mother Fantastique
Sire of dam Florencio
Dam of dam Bonbon