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This beautiful chestnut stallion goes by the name, J2L Walt Disney. He is a descendant of the German top stallion Vitalis. His mother, our home-bred J2L Paris Hilton, is a descendant of the German, world-famous stallion Belissimo M.

This 2-year-old stallion is beautifully built and has very appealing movements. He moves very easily and smoothly.

He currently measures 1m64, we expect him to grow to a height at the withers around 1m70.

Ideal investment for someone looking for a German bred stallion with many future possibilities.

On 19/02/2024 RX approved for sport (including neck and back).

Direct from the breeder, he is still completely untrained. Already light in the hand, sweet horse to handle. 


Sire Vitalis
Sire of sire Vivaldi
s.s.s. Krack-C
m.s.s. Renate-Utopia
Dam of sire Tolivia
d.s.d. D-day
m.m.s. Nalivia
Mother Paris Hilton
Sire of dam Belissimo M
s.s.d. Beltain
m.s.m. Roxa
Dam of dam First Lady
s.d.d. Sandro Hit
d.d.d. Rianta v/h Gestelhof