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The profession of training and selling horses is very difficult, because you have to deal with all kinds of people. Just when you think: should I choose a different profession? A horse comes in that seems to have stepped straight out of a fairytale film. Very beautiful. Both in construction, movement, jet black color AND in heart! Your name is Je T 'Adore, almost 10 year old,  ruin. I love you. And that is not difficult, to love this horse. It's a treasure of a horse. Very good to deal with. Also suitable for anxious riders. See the video: his owner came with him, unloaded him for us and immediately rode away with him. He has therefore been in foreign territory a lot; is M dressage with no fewer than 22 winning points. (so Z level). He also enjoyed being in the forest. He has a super pedigree of Chagall x Rousseau x Houston. His previous owner, who has owned him since he was four years old, found it very difficult to find a new owner for him. Because who is actually good enough for such a golden horse? They have always had him in a luxurious stable where he lacked nothing. He has not often had wet feet like ours. Unfortunately, her boss did not have enough time and it became too expensive to keep two horses in this way, and she continues with her show jumping sport horse. Je T 'Adore is in perfect health and completely free of defects. At the age of 4, he has already been examined both X-ray and clinically, including back and neck. We had him examined again last week, both clinically and radiologically, with a positive recommendation! He is fully vaccinated, also for Rhino.

His previous owner would love to keep in touch with the new owner. She writes about Je T 'Adore: "He is a sweet, reliable horse. Child-friendly and I dare to trust him blindly. He loves attention, is well behaved and funny. He can give kisses when you have a treat. He is always a hugger, you can just walk under him. " We are looking for a nice new owner for this great horse.

Price incl. saddle: 14,000 for a good owner Reserving this horse may be possible, take a look at our website?

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It is now possible to buy your horse(s) on a partial installment basis from Stal Doorstap. The condition is that the horse remains on the grounds of Stal Doorstap for the period of financing. Of course you can use the entire accommodation with the horse. You will be responsible for the costs of the horse, as well as the payment. It is not possible to receive partial payments back. So think about it carefully.


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