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I hereby sell my super nice gelding Jelmer. Jelmer is a 10-year-old gelding with the descendant Numero uno x Concorde and has a height at the withers of 168 cm.

In addition to his super good looks, Jelmer is a very all-round horse. He is currently classified L in jumping and runs M2 in dressage, but he already has a number of Z exercises. Jelmer is bred entirely for jumping and certainly shows this in his very good technique. He is a horse with a lot of scope and jumps around the course with ease, but he can be a bit nervous and needs a convincing and consistent rider. Jelmer has 3 correct and beautiful gaits, which means he certainly shows his good side in the dressage ring. He is currently also ridden more in dressage, depending on the rider's preference. However, Jelmer also enjoys going to the forest and walking around with a loose rein. Jelmer is not a hot horse, but certainly not a dull horse either. He is always eager to get to work, but can occasionally build up some tension, making him not suitable for insecure or inexperienced riders. However, it can be a nice training horse.

In handling, Jelmer is a very sweet, curious and willing horse. He loves to be brushed and cared for. He is always well maintained by the farrier, dentist, physio and dewormed and he is always very well behaved. He was approved by radiography last week without any comments. The reason for the sale is a new challenge for the rider. Jelmer falls in a higher price range. For more information 0618470974- 0682596645


Sire Numero Uno
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Concorde
Sire of dam
Dam of dam