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I hereby offer my 5 year old Toto jr. I bred him myself from my Stedinger (ster prok ibop). Grandma is Voltaire (pref pres prok star sport dr) Great-grandmother is Nimmerdor (pref pres keur sport d'r) So the horse comes from very fine mother stock. His half-brothers are also all very fine and well-moving horses. Due to its size (1.76m), the horse has had a little longer time to grow and especially gain some weight. He was taken to a professional stable 4 months ago to be saddled. The first few weeks went really well and she was done with it quite quickly. She also rode loose through the big track after the 3rd time. Because of his size, we notice that he still lacks some strength and balance, which means that he walks with the brakes on and finds the canter in particular very difficult. The horse is currently being treated by an osteopath and is being trained on the lunge to become stronger and gain more balance. I am looking for someone who wants to continue with him in this way in combination with groundwork. Someone who is familiar with Tristan Tucker's method or Yvette's Featherlight horsemanship, or at least something similar. Please note, this is not a horse you can sit on and think, I'll just ride him through it, because then he can really get naughty and get up really well! So please no novice or very young riders. I am really looking for someone with experience who wants to embark on this process and who will take the time to do so. I am convinced that if you give this horse some time and train it the right way, you will have a very nice sport horse that is stunningly beautiful and super sweet. You won't find a sweeter or better horse next to it. It's a real cuddly toy. For more information and any videos, please call me.


Sire Toto jr
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
m.m.s. Nikmerdor
Pref pres keur sport
Mother Stedinger
Ster prok ibop
Sire of dam
Dam of dam Voltaire
Pref pres prok ster sport