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Dear KWPN D-OC and WFFS free Ster Sport mare

Cavella, born in 2007, is ZZL qualified. She has Got 4 foals. Mares are easy to ride with a snaffle. Mare is social with other horses and is used to a walk-in stable with us. With the previous owner she went to the stable at night. She has no stable defects or eczema.

I.v.m. chronic illness owner is the mare too buy.  
2010 X-ray approved as 3 year old.
o   January 2012 1st B dressage competition.
o   August 2012 L1 dressage
o   July 2013 L2 dressage
o   November 2014 M1 dressage
o   August 2015 M2 dressage
o   July 2016 Z1 dressage
o   By August 2016 to October not walking well. Turned out to be inflammation according to the previous owner in both legs. X-ray finding: ossification of hoof cartilage. Recommended to have irons with soles placed underneath. Smooth recovery without any problems injections have been made.
--Participated in the Z1 dressage competition again in December 2016.
o   January 2018 starts Z2 dressage competitions.
-  April Had it covered in 2018.
o   9 June 2018 Z2 dressage with 1 WP.      
- July 2018 no more irons. Only used as a broodmare.
o   26 March 2019 Desperado Olivia VDK
o   17 May 2020 Descendant Pepijn VDK of Glamourdale
o    7 May 2021 Descendant Romy VDK Glamourdale
o   10 June 2022 Offspring Sophie VDK Jameson RS2  

July 2022 I have Cavella with 6 week old foal Sophie purchased. I heard about Cavella through my farrier. Cavella has been around her whole life at the same farrier and therefore the entire medical history is also known.  
September 2022 In consultation with the farrier I started riding caught again without irons. Unfortunately, I drive very little myself due to... a lot of illness of my own. Luckily I have a co-driver who is also willing to pick her up. I rode Viertal myself at the riding club. Unfortunately I only took a few lessons, due to... my recurring illness. Cavella was very well behaved, despite her foal Sophie coming home during class the horse box was locked up. I also have a nice beach ride and outdoor rides made with Cavella while Sophie waited at home in the horse box.  
o   August 2023 1st B dressage competition by co-driver.
o   Also jumping lessons and cross lessons with Cavella followed by a co-driver.
o   January 2024 1st L1 dressage competition.
o   February 2024 last dressage competition. 4 WP in L1 achieved by co-driver.  
April 2024 front legs seem a bit sensitive. Maybe same problem as in 2016?
Leave iron with soles on April 15, 2024 to make. Cavella was given a lot of rest. No research such as X-rays was performed or ultrasound.
She was ridden again on April 29, 2024. See YouTube.
5/6/2024 Veterinarian indicates that Cavella is with her her front legs are stiff and she has poor muscle. The advice is to visit Cavella again start exercising so that her stiffness will decrease. The bending tests are good. The eyes, lungs and teeth are also fine. The legs are nice and slim and there no signs of (old) tendon injuries. The hooves look and feel normal normally on.  

8/6/2024 Cavella shows under saddle that she is a good boy is a learning horse (also for children). See videos on YouTube.

Cavella is very suitable as a broodmare. She was always smooth pregnant and was a good mother to her foals.
She also has a very predicate-rich pedigree. Cavella has the following predicates: D-OC, WFFS free and STER SPORT Dressage (ZZL) predicate.    

The asking price for Cavella is 5900 euros.    

Her custom-made all-purpose saddle is available at an additional cost, dressage saddle, bridle and winter blanket plus rain blanket to be taken over.  

Link for 13 videos by Cavella:

The coffee is ready at your viewing or possible test drive of Cavella.


Sire Sandreo
Sire of sire Sandro Hit
s.s.s. Sandro Song
m.s.s. Loretta
Dam of sire Prettify
stb Prestatie
d.s.d. Flemmingh
stb Preferent
m.m.s. Jollification
stb Ster
Mother Mercedes
stb Prestatie
Sire of dam Houston
stb KEUR
s.s.d. Belisar
m.s.m. Ciola
stb Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of dam Corina
s.d.d. Samber
d.d.d. Wilma