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My name is Ciska Vos. I am proud to say that I am currently active in competitive sports at Z-level. I am a certified ORUN 3 and NCSAH instructor, driven by a strong passion for dressage. Thanks to my extensive experience in dressage and classical riding, I am confident that I can provide valuable insights and instruction. 
My goal is to help you and improve your skills, your theoretical knowledge and your confidence in to enlarge the roadway. But these points are also important during lunging, and I can help you with this too.

As an enthusiastic instructor, I want to inspire you to get the best out of yourself and your horse. We do this by setting goals and by training dynamically and functionally in a biomechanically responsible way, with an eye for both mental and physical balance.

What does the instruction look like?
I am happy to guide you to good luck. With my expertise and commitment we will work together to achieve your goals. I listen to your wishes and train you and your horse to strengthen the bond between you.  
Goal-oriented work
Look at yourself critically
Functional training
Variation in training
Getting the best out of your horse and yourself
Conscious training

Do you want to learn to lunge your horse effectively? I can also provide instructions on how your horse learns to use its body and become stronger in it. Lunging has a positive influence on your horse's training.
Discover the benefits and see how lunging can improve the capacity of your horse.
Improve physical condition
Strengthen the muscles
Develop balance and flexibility
Behavior of the horse from the start observing the ground
Correcting behavioral problems
Improving communication
Respect between rider and horse
Learning commands
Improving obedience

Do you want to become a harmonious combination with your horse? Do you want to work with a goal-oriented approach and are you prepared to take a critical look at yourself? Please feel free to contact me.