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Cadanza is a very sweet and gentle gelding who turns 8 this year.

I bought him as a 3 year old, not broken in the saddle from the breeder.

Trained him myself until he had 1.30 I would like him to go higher jumping with me, but from 1.20 I am so nervous about the height that it is no longer fun for me and a waste of the qualities of cadanza.

He is dressage-oriented to ride top, knows all the exercises of the z dressage and automatically jumps the changes.

In he is super! Always stands quietly in the stable and in the washing area, walks nicely in hand.  Never looks sour and is friendly after all horses.
In short a dream horse!!

He has no stable defects, has never been lame or had a vet on it. Fully approved as a 3 year old.

I'm very picky who the next owner will be, because I only want the best combination for him, that's why I'm looking for;
Someone who comes from the ponies and wants to grow with him to the higher level.
Or someone who is an advanced amateur and wants to move up from the lower classes together in a responsible way. /horses/pedigree/2377841/don-cadanza-z

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Cadanza may be re-inspected k.k.


Sire Casall
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Carinjo
Dam of dam