The Terms and Conditions below describe the conditions under which the Sporthorses company provides access to its services and use of the Services to Users. The last modification of these Terms of Use were 3 February 2015.
Please read the Terms and Conditions before using SportHorses.fr. When using USSportHorses.com, you accept the Terms & Conditions. Do not use USSportHorses.com if you do not accept these conditions. 

1. Presentation 

Sporthorses is a website offering private and professional ads. Sporthorses provides users frequent updates and provides daily and dynamic renewal of all of the site's content. 

2. Operation 

Access to some website elements such as user account or some interactive services are protected by the connection parameters, namely a username and password. These settings are personal to the user and must be kept confidential.
The site can not be held liable for improper use of the recording settings.
The user is responsible for its resources entrusted to it in the context of the use of the site. Thus, the user must not promote or adopt conduct contrary to American law including commercial and criminal matters.
The user shall ensure compliance with the confidentiality of information in its possession. It must at all times ensure compliance with the legislation, which protects, in particular intellectual property rights, the confidentiality of correspondence, personal data, the right to the image of people and the exposure of minors to harmful content.
It is recalled that users must never engage in any illegal activity or activity contrary to the law on the site.
Generally, photo albums and ads must not include in any case shocking pictures, revealing the nakedness of a person or  sexual or pornographic, political or religious. 

2.1. Rules relating to enrollment 
When registering to the site, the future members have an obligation to inform in all the required fields with the exact mention of the required information. 

3. Responsibility 

The Web site does not accept any responsibility for the comments and content posted on the whole site. So the messages sent or received and published ads are the sole responsibility of the person filing such content.
Sporthorses is not responsible for any agreements between a buyer and a seller.
USSportHorses.com contains references (via links or banners) to third parties. Sporthorses has no control over such sites and is not responsible for the content that these sites deliver. 

4. Content 
Each advertiser must ensure to describe correctly and complete the product he offers. By posting an ad, the advertiser authorizes Sporthorses to broadcast the announcement and the information from its website.
It is forbidden to publish advertisements on Sporthorses not conform to publications authorized by Sporthorses.
Sporthorses reserves the right to shrink or change the text of the ads without having to give a reason. Sporthorses also reserves the right to remove ads without having to give a reason in the following cases:
The products are placed in the wrong category;
This is a greeting announcement and not offer annoucement;
The product or the price of the ad is incorrect or there is an incomplete information;
The product is already posted in another class;
The product or Ad content contains discriminatory remarks, child pornography or incitement to illegal substances;
There is suspicion of theft on the said product;
The announcement directly promote a company that did not pay for this service;
The announcement is not intended for direct sale of horse / pony / truck, but the promotion of auction or sale of several horses. 

5. Payment 
The publication of an advertisement at a cost of € 8.50 to promote the following cases:
             The sale of a horse / pony or horse transport;
             Advertising a professional horse.
The announcement will be published after Sporthorses' confirmation. The advertiser must immediately pay the amount anticipated.
The advertiser is obliged to meet its payment obligations to Sporthorses. If the payment period is exceeded, Sporthorses reserves the right to add additional costs in the form of interests established by law. 

6. Intellectual Property

Users are reminded that to make a work available to the public via the Internet imperatively requires the permission of its author or its assigns. Counterfeiting covers all reproductions and illegal broadcasts that is to say not allowed. 

7. Personal data 
Anyone who filed personal data on the site has a right to rectification and deletion of data, without any reason can be an obstacle. The site manager must be entitled to any such request made by the person concerned.
However, the site manager can not be held responsible for the operation of search engines, especially concerning the "cache" of these engines.
The only obligation to the webmaster is to satisfy the right to modify, change or delete data on the site itself.
It is not bound by the consequences of the exercise of these rights.
The user's attention is drawn to the fact that it is possible that automatic and generalized controls are likely to be made to limit malfunctions, in compliance with the rules.
In case of malfunction found by the site manager or one or more members, it can be carried out a manual control and an audit of any transaction carried out by one or more users, the demand for them. 

8. Media

Sporthorses reserves the right to issue a posting in all monthly magazines attached to its website. 
9. Penalties 
The breach of the rules laid down in this Charter may engage the responsibility of the user and to train against him warnings, and limitations in the use of temporary or permanent exclusions from the site.
In addition, the site manager reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who violated on the site, the legal and regulatory provisions in force, without prejudice to the sanctions provided for in this Charter.