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3 mini shetties and 2 alpaca are still looking for a 5 ⭐️🏠

First and foremost they have grown up completely in natural herd on several hectares. Everything was born with us. They always have grass and hay available. They also like sweets.
In winter they are kept indoors in herds

Info about the 3 ponies:
2 times a year they are brushed completely. Dewormed 4 times a year and the hooves are done and teeth checked. They are chipped.

They are all sweet and well-behaved, wormed and healthy. The photos are in the shedding period, but someone who has shettie experience will recognize this.
They are also sweet to our children.
They are all fillies and they are like a real shettie curious 😁
Stick size is between 75 and 85cm (see photo with legs, then you can estimate this)
They are between 7 and 11 years old.

Price per pony: 850 euros

General notice:
So don't just stare blindly at the shaved ponies with this and that. With us they live as in nature, you can of course make them into a glitter, brush them for hours and teach them all kinds of things.

Info about the alpacas:
Both are males and are 1 year old. They are curious, but also a bit timid.
They are dewormed and are shaved annually with us. Feet are cut on time and stood. They are otherwise in good health.
They are not really ready to go for a walk, for example.

Price per alpaca: 650 euro

Interested via message.
Offers are allowed, but we won't act silly, no one should break down the animals, they are healthy and won't come too short.

Reason for sale: they cannot join the current herd, due to prevent insest.


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Sire of dam
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