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Red Devil B.R. is a sweet, eager-to-work E-pony. 

We bought the pony as a foal with the intention of selling it again at a later age. He was saddle broken at the age of 4. He is well behaved while driving and is certainly willing to work for you. When jumping he wants to get to the other side and this makes it a real pleasure to jump with him. He behaves well in other areas. He enjoys outdoor rides and could therefore also be suitable as an eventing pony. Devil is social, both with other horses in the pasture and with people, so he is really a pony that loves attention.

He goes to jumping lessons every week and as long as he is still with us he will  will soon make his debut with horses to gain competition experience. I think it is fairer for the pony to walk among the other ponies and since I am 23 this is not possible. This is also why we are selling it again.

Devil is particularly suitable for an ambitious rider who wants to progress in the sport, but a novice rider can also learn a lot from him. He behaves well at the farrier, on the trailer, and has no stable defects.

For more information please contact us on 0611397796 or 0620292877.


Sire rowan
Sire of sire rivaldo
s.s.s. kantje's ronaldo
Dam of sire amalia
d.s.d. woodrow caribrooke
Mother khavanne II van klaverborch
Sire of dam khadoboj van klaverborch
s.s.d. king kadanz
Dam of dam