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Ode to Rhodium
4 Years Old
Gelding / Gelding

This Horse is from our own breeding with a golden character and a high cuddly content. Currently has 10 winning points in B dressage and can start L1. Horse was inspected on 16-09-2023 with a positive purchase advice. Has a slight mark on the loin, which does not have to be an obstacle to the sport. Horse is generously built (partly due to Frisian background) and measures +/- 169 cm. He likes a lot of distraction and likes to play (known from RTV Noord). He sometimes wants to grab the front box in the box and knock over the water barrel in the meadow (playful character). He is also a star at playing football with a large skippy ball. In short, a nice, sweet horse with a heart of gold.

SEE VIDEO for a better impression.

Asking price €12,500,- incl. VAT on inspections possible K.K.


Sire Rhodium
Sire of sire Ferro
s.s.s. Ulft
m.s.s. Brenda
Dam of sire Larcona
d.s.d. Ramiro Z
m.m.s. Harcona
Mother Coco
Sire of dam
Dam of dam