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For sale from the famous Landsvrouwe line:

Good moving brown colt from the NRPS champion This is Naqueen x Stb ext, PROK, D-OC v. Ferro x Ster, pref, D-OC v. Houston x keur, preferent, performance, sport v. Donnerhall x keur preferent performance x ster preferent performance.  The mother of this foal has already produced a Small Tour horse and a Z dressage horse. A third offspring will soon be released in Z. The grandmother is the mother of Small tour horse Joyrider, Z2 horse King of Swing and Z dressage horse Legendary. From both the mother and the grandmother we expect them to become a success next year.

Good performing horses from this line include: Approved KWPN stallions Incognito (black tour), Merlot and Amazing Star (int-I), Olympiad horse Glock's Undercover, Fergievrouwe (LT), Rising Star (Int-I), Romorantin (LT), Jamaica (Int-I), Zhivago (heavy tour), Hefner (LT), Alexander (LT), Bacardi JK (heavy tour), Endreo B (heavy tour).

This tribe is characterized by the very good willingness of the horses to work with good balance and a lot of talent for the heavier exercises.
Price range 8,000-10,000


Sire This is Naqueen
NRPS kampioen
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Cacharelvrouwe
stb-ext, PROK, D-OC
Sire of dam Ferro
Dam of dam Weidevrouwe
ster, preferent, D-OC
s.d.d. Houston x Donnerhall
d.d.d. Mimosavrouwe
keur, preferent, prestatie, sport