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Silken's Aimee DW (24/06/2017)
height size +/- 1.50m
Pedigree: EA Jameel x Prismen
Aimee has been trained under saddle, but due to lack of time never rode and is now also a quiet for a while. She is familiar with all gaits and has also been ridden loose. She will have to be picked up under saddle again, but the foundation has been laid. Unfortunately, I don't have time to pick her up due to my studies and that is why I unfortunately had to make the choice to sell her. Aimee is incredibly hardworking and enjoys working for you. She really loves attention and prefers to be busy as much as possible, so I am looking for her someone who has the time and attention for her that she deserves. Aimee has been in our possession since she was 6 months old and so her entire history is known. We have also trained her ourselves, so everything is known about this. Aimee does have a lot of temperament and energy, she remains an Arabian thoroughbred, but this must be taken into account. For example, I do not consider her suitable as a children's pony for small children.


Sire EA Jameel
Sire of sire Ashal el Chamsin
s.s.s. Nashir el Chamsin
m.s.s. Sen Princess Aminah Chah
Dam of sire Jameelah III
d.s.d. Joka-Tuam (Rappe)
m.m.s. Jamira
Mother ES Silken
Sire of dam Prismen
s.s.d. Menes
m.s.m. Pristina
Dam of dam Shieka
s.d.d. Amal
d.d.d. Shifaq