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Arabian thoroughbred Aïsha, almost 4 years old, is looking for a 5* home 🙏

I had already sold her and she had already been paid for, but due to sad circumstances of the buyer she is still with us and I had such a good feeling about it...

Due to my health problems, it is with pain in my heart and much sadness that I offer my sweet, beautiful Arabian Thoroughbred mare Aïsha  for a good and lasting home. She will be 4 years old in February and has not yet been broken in. I have had her since she was a foal and she still has a super fluent gait. 

We live in the Tolna region of Hungary.

Aïsha lives with my horse of almost 20 years at our house. They have a walk-in stable and can go outside and in whenever they want.

Her mother is Hungarian and her father is from Slovakia.
Aïsha has NO pedigree * because her father does not have a breeding license in Hungary, but I do have the DNA profile of both her parents and of course Aïsha herself. I obtained the Parentage Verification from Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratory done in the Netherlands (all papers available) In the Netherlands she could be registered with the NRPS B register (I have already been in contact about this when I did not yet have the DNA profiles of her parents)

Her father is a beautiful black Arabian Thoroughbred stallion imported from Slovakia to Hungary. I have a copy of the father's family tree and he has many American lines in his family tree. I went to see him with Aïsha's owner and immediately fell in love. I received his DNA certificate from the authorities in Slovakia. He is registered in the Thoroughbred Arab studbook.

Aïsha's mother is a sweet, beautiful Arabian Thoroughbred mare with super gaits. I also have a copy of her family tree and she has all Hungarian lines and I have her DNA certificate. She is registered in the Thoroughbred Arab studbook.

Father: Tiberio (Slovakia) Grandpa: S.H Taboo (UK) Great-grandparents: (G Tamim (USA) X SH Sabrina (UK) Grandma: Woodlay Kahlua (UK) Great-grandparents: Blacklord Caesaro (USA) X Kaliera (USA)

Mother: Hadiyat al noufous B (HU) Grandpa: 4688 Ali baba (HU) Great grandparents: 3131 Teyszir B (Amurath S. ) (HU) Grandma: 2983 fish baths (HU) Great grandparents: 229 Hadiya B (HU) X 202 Ibn galal (HU)

Aïsha has recently been vaccinated, regularly dewormed, chipped, required blood tests and clinically examined (17-03-23) (X-ray possible at buyer's expense) She has a passport. Aïsha was also raised with food for growing foals and fresh fruit every day. She also has grazing with us day and night.

Aïsha has a beautiful gait. The photos and videos speak for themselves. Aïsha's height at the withers was 150 when she was 2 years old, but she has grown quite a bit.

Aïsha knows the foal ABC and comes to you when you call her, walks neatly on the halter, securing and brushing, scratching out hooves, no problem at all. Farrier is also no problem. Lunging works well and is extremely reliable and without defects. Of course, he remains a young, mischievous Arab with an accompanying character.

Aïsha doesn't go to just the first one! A good and lasting  home is the most important! 
*Price is negotiable for a very good home'

1.Spacious stable.
2 No traders!
3 You must have experience with Arabs.
4. Also realize that an Arab grows quite old (around 30 years) 5.We are looking for a sweet, gentle but consistent owner where she can stay all her life and give her all the love she deserves. 7.I would really like to keep in touch, I would really miss her terribly. *Since an Arabian breed matures late, Aisha has not yet been broken in, but this can be started next year*

Again, a good home is very important!!! I'm in no hurry and have already turned away several people. I wait until my feeling tells me this is what I have in mind for Aïsha.
She is sold including all DNA papers of her parents and herself and parentage verification papers. Interested parties can contact me via whatsapp (+36307919992) to approach. with an explanation of what they have to offer Aïsha. 

*I only respond to serious responses*

Photos of Aïsha taken 2 months ago. Photo of her father and photo of Aïsha as a foal with her mother. The video is recent and her winter coat is already visible here and there. Greetings Daphne*


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Sire of dam
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