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Miss Oxstrona La Donia (Z.A. Imago x Jazz) 

Born on May 13, 2017. Her mother Zieoxstrona comes from the well-known KWPN Hastrona lineage. Her mother is classified ZZ-light and has Ster, sport, D-OC predicate and is WFFS-free. Mother's line has many sport and inspection results. 

Miss Oxstrona's father, Z.A. Imago is a beautiful Arabian stallion. This makes her a healthy, energetic mare.  

Miss Oxstrona is in possession of the Star and X-ray predicate from the NRPS, her back and neck have been inspected for bitches. When she was three years old she was saddled, after which she had two beautiful stallion foals and she has recently been saddled again.  

She is extremely willing, eager to learn, curious, people-oriented and very sweet. A very sweet social mare with many possibilities and, due to her special bloodline, also suitable for long-distance rides. She is very well behaved in the trailer, when you are on the road you would almost think you have forgotten her. She has no stable vices and has always been vaccinated on time and taken to the farrier. 

She is being sold on behalf of the current owner, she was bought as a foal at the time. The entire upbringing and history is known. Never been ill or injured.   

If you have any questions about this very sweet mare. Please feel free to contact us, because she is special! 

Inspections allowed in consultation and at the buyer's expense. 

Asking price EUR 14,500.


Sire Z.A. Imago OX
Sire of sire E.L. Ninjo OX
s.s.s. Laman OX
m.s.s. E.L. Nikita OX
Dam of sire Z.A. Cafirah OX
d.s.d. Z.A. Perlamon OX
m.m.s. C.A. Estada OX
Mother Zieoxstrona
Stb Ster D-OC Sport-(drs)
Sire of dam Jazz
Stb Preferent IDP Grand Prix
s.s.d. Cocktail
Stb Preferent
m.s.m. Charmante
Stb Keur Prestatie-fok
Dam of dam Oxstrona
PROK Stb Elite Prestatie-fok Preferent Prestatie Sport-(drs)
s.d.d. Jetset-D
d.d.d. Hastrona
PROK Elite Preferent Prestatie Sport-(drs)