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Quintus fan'e Grupstal - a Stallion with a promising future! Quintus is a Tymen 503 holder, was born 03/2021 and has full Paper, with his mother line Gaya fan'e Grupstal (Norbert) Kroon Sport Prestatie AAA x Stella fan'e Grupstal (Sape) Ster Pref x Selma fan'e Grupstal ( Doeke) Ster Pref have produced many successful Sport Horses. This was clear last year during the Pavo Fryso Bokaal, where half-sister Farah Dibah fan'e Grupstal ster AAA won the final among the 5-year-old mares. Quintus is a young stallion with many stallion impressions. Modern, long-lined and currently has a height of 1.67 m. He moves appealingly and correctly, which makes him certainly suitable for higher sport. He has already run the cart once and is regularly lunged. He is always willing to work and easy to get along with. He is regularly trimmed, vaccinated and checked by the dentist. Quintus is radiologically approved. Quintus is located in 26871 Aschendorf, Germany. By arrangement, it can be saddled here on location.


Sire Tymen 503
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Gaya fan’e Grupstal
Stb kroon sport prestatie AAA
Sire of dam Norbert 444
Dam of dam Stella fan’e Grupstal
Stb ster preferent prestatie
s.d.d. Sape 381
d.d.d. Selma fan’e Grupstal
Stb ster preferent