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Studbook: Dutch New Forest Pony height: 145 cm Descendant: Wayland Loganberry x Melle Jerom Mating method: Natural Stud fee: € 350.00 excl. VAT excl. Stud fee Gust: €150.00 excl. VAT You must submit a certificate of approval before October 1, 2022 with a veterinarian's certificate. Availability: Breeding season is from February 15 to September 1, 2022 Order: Before 9:00 AM Other information: WFFS-free PSSM1-free Breeder: Family Zevenhoeken-Hiebendaal Owner: Bouhuisen's Sporthorses Video: , He is a legend among the ponies. Reekamp's Slogan has appearance, size, good movements and hard legs. He has a powerful dream canter with good space, balance and power. Reekamp's Slogan is an honest, reliable stallion with a good attitude and a willingness to work. Reekamp's Slogan's father is Wayland Loganberry, who has achieved great international success. His mother Casitas Sandra is a fantastic mare with a lot of quality in her legs. She has breed, hardness and good movements. An exceptional broodmare that comes from a very proven mother line. Reekamp's Slogan runs Z dressage Z jumping and has ridden a number of practice crosses and can also be ridden, so she is a beautiful versatile pony with a top attitude. Stable behavior: Honest, reliable stallion, easy to handle and quiet in the stable. Possible - Breeding advice: Reekamp's Slogan can improve basic gaits, leg technique, rideability and attitude in dressage breeding. Reekamp's Slogan can improve the model and add jumping quality and especially technique and power to jumping pony breeding. NB; STALLION IS CURRENTLY IN OFFICE


Sire Wayland Loganberry
Sire of sire Wayland Cranberry
s.s.s. Katric Capers
m.s.s. Esdaile Holly Berry
Dam of sire Luckington vintage
d.s.d. Watershof presedent
m.m.s. Kantjes Monic
Kroon, Preferent
Mother Casitas Sandra
Ster, Preferent, Elite
Sire of dam Melle Jerom
s.s.d. Vernons Vineyard
m.s.m. Luckington Double Diamond
Dam of dam Casita
Ster, Preferent, Elite
s.d.d. Dukes Forest Oberon
d.d.d. Silverlea Cassandra