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Sugar and Spice is a very beautiful and sweet mare who loves attention. She follows you around the yard. She goes on the walking mill every day in the winter and enjoys the meadow in the summer.
Sugar and Spice has supple and correct movements. She is already at least 1.60m and will grow to at least 1.75m.
Sire Jameson RS2 was approved with the highest points ever by the KWPN and has been making an overwhelming impression ever since with his looks, gaits and qualities.
Mother Delrona is a Prix St Georges dressage horse with a very gentle nature and lovely movements. 
From dam's side we see Johnson who is Grand Prix and managed to stand out again and again from the age of 3. On the Horse Telex ranking Johnson is number 1. He is also number one on the WBFSH ranking.


Sire Jameson
D-OC, prok, Stb., WFFS-free
Sire of sire Blue Hors Zack
s.s.s. RouAtilinda sseau
Dam of sire Atilinda M
D-OC, Elite, IBOP(drs), pref, prest, sport(dr), WFFS-free
d.s.d. Negro
Mother Delrona
prok, sport
Sire of dam Johnson
pref, WFFS-free
s.s.d. Jazz
pref, Stb., WFFS-free
Dam of dam Welrona
s.d.d. Ronaldo
d.d.d. Zanora
keur, pref, prest